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Holden Chandler Testimony 

When I was in high school I was a very good athlete. In my senior year I was voted athlete of the Syosset high school and made the all county baseball team, I never did drugs. I prepared my self to play professional baseball thats all I could think about. Than was given a full scholarship to Florida to play ball but tore the ligaments in my left arm and could never pitch again. I had to come home and push concrete and dig holes with the construction company my father worked with. I hated my life so I found a solution. I turned to doing drugs every drug and any drug I could get my hands on. I have been arrested many times for cocaine and a DWI. My mind was on one thing, doing drugs. Year after year I would go to work than drink a little than go on a mission to buy drugs. As the years went on I started really getting on my self for not being married and not having kids or a family. I did not care if I lived or died. I was bound, I spent many years doing out patient therapy, and inpatient therapy went to catholic charities. And was on probation for years. Nothing worked or helped.
My parents never gave up on me they kept praying. My father and mother helped me buy a house and we started a construction business together. I could never live in the house because of my drug problem so I rented it out. One day two nice people came to rent the house. And they ask me to come to their church to see a show, so I did. After the service I went up and prayed the salvation prayer. I thought I ment it but the next day and the next four years were the worst ever. I lost my company, I lost my house, and as fast as my father bought a tool to build up the company, I would sell it to get the next drug. I lost my car, I broke my mother's and my father's heart. My life was a living, walking nightmare. I knew I was never going to have my own family I knew that I failed in life. I failed at being a son to my father.
Then I managed to quit drinking for two months. I had done that before and it never took, I always went back. I went to a church and made a confession. I spoke with my mouth and meant it with my heart. That night around midnight May 6th at 12:30 I guess it was May 7th morn. than. God delivered me from that unholy spirit. I woke up my father and mother and told them. God some how revealed to me the spirit that was within me. I guess He did this to let me know that If I ever go back to where I was. This thing was going to come back. From that moment on, faith was birthed in me.
The next few weeks, I attended several churches but was never satisfied. After not seeing them for four years, I ran into Christy that same month at a garage sale. A couple of days later, Stu called and brought me back to their church - the Upper Room Tabernacle. I sat in on my first service and really heard the Word of God. I knew then that with the help of Jesus, I could rebuild my life. It has been Seven years now and God has restored back to me my mother and fathers love.
Im not married and I still dont have kids but I no longer feel bad. The people of God are my family. I have a new mission that is to help save souls and tell the world what Jesus has done for me.
God has given me the gift of Eternal Life. I thank God for delivering me. I thank Jesus my Lord and Savior for saving me and for restoring my life. I will, with the help of the Holy Spirit serve Jesus with every breath I have till the day I die,
with out him I am nothing.

Salvation was given to me by God because of what Jesus Christ His Son has done on the Cross . He Paid the Penalty for my Sins. Saved by Faith and Grace and...
"My Salvation"

Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. Forever Amen. YES LORD!

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Holden Chandler, Holy Ghost Spirit filled, New Born, Walking, Warrior of God, in Christ Jesus. Now...

My Life Scripture 11-15-05

Psalm 91:2

 I will say Lord he is my refuge and my fortress: my God in Him will I trust.

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